Message from SLSA President Graham Ford - 1 June 2017

Highlights from SLSA Board Meeting with National Advisory Chairs – May 2017

At the SLSA Board meeting on 27 May 2017, working with the National Advisory Chairs, the following key initiatives are being progressed.

Transition from SRC to Bronze

Develop a clearer pathway for the transition of SRC to Bronze Medallion based on an ‘apprenticeship model’. This initiative will encourage retention of our SRC group without the necessity to complete a separate Bronze Course.

Returning Members

Develop an easier pathway for returning members based on specific skills training and the successful completion of a proficiency rather then a blanket requirement to redo the Bronze Medallion Course.

IRB Crew award option in Bronze

Include the option for Bronze Medallion candidates to undertake the IRB Crew award during Bronze Medallion training. This will lead to an increase in the number of suitably qualified IRB crew for our frontline services and flow through to increased numbers of IRB Drivers.

Probationary Bronze Award

Rather than creating a new award use the existing Policy 1.02 “come and try” with a water proficiency requirement and agreed time to complete Bronze Training. It will not replace the normal pathway for Bronze Medallion and members who take this option will not be able to compete at any Championship events. The National Advisory Chairs will review and recommend a clear pathway for those wishing to take this option to encourage recruitment.

As a reminder the SLSA Policy 1.02 allows for non-qualified new members to ‘come and try’ surf sports activities.

Patrol exemption for Junior Activity Members (SRC )

The National Advisory Chairs will review and recommend the exemption from Patrol requirements for Junior Activities (SRC) to allow them to compete in surf sports as part of their transition to Open competition.

Requalification process

The National Advisory Chairs will review and recommend the delegation of the annual requalification process to Patrol Captains under the supervision of the Club Assessor.

Policy 5.4

The National Advisory Chairs will review and recommend the simplification of the current policy and guideline to give clarity to the membership.

Bronze Medallion curriculum review

Full review of Bronze Medallion to ensure the content being delivered is relevant to what is required of our frontline Surf Lifesavers.

Australian Championships

The Chair of Sport and the National Sport Team are reviewing the Championships and investigating additional enhancements for the Aussies including the creation of a multi disciplined Athlete Panel to help inform the decisions of the Safety Emergency Committee, open engagement with Team Managers in decisions. I thank all members who have provided positive feedback and support

Composite Teams in Surf Sport

The National Advisory Chairs will review and recommend the framework for composite teams to participate in Surf Sport.

The National Advisory Chairs and the associated Advisory and Management Committees will review all of the matters listed above except the Bronze Medallion curriculum review, which will take time to complete, and report back to the August 2017 SLSA Board meeting with their recommendations for endorsement.

The collective view of the SLSA Board and National Advisory Chairs is that these initiatives can be implemented prior to the commencement of next season and will have a significant impact on membership and removing the barriers to participation.

Yours in Surf Life Saving

Graham Ford AM


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on 01 June 2017
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