2016/2017 - Proficiency - Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate/Advanced Resuscitation Techniques [AID]

There is a training tool available online for members who want to refresh their knowledge of advanced resuscitation techniques. This is not a requirement of skills maintenance. Members accessing this tool will still have to complete all skills maintenance requirements as listed here :

1. Resuscitation*

  • Theory and a practical demonstration. Theory is available online.
  • A patient assessment on a live patient and demonstration of lateral position
  • DRSABCD, CPR 1 person (adult or child AND infant) on a manikin – to include resuscitation methods using a mask
  • Team CPR including DRSABCD, use of resuscitation mask with oxygen supplement and AED.

2. Oxy Viva Operation

  • Use of air bag resuscitator on conscious/unconscious patient(s) during resuscitation scenario

3. Oropharyngeal Airways

  • Correct measurement and insertion of an Oropharyngeal Airway (on a manikin where possible)
  • Demonstrate an understanding of when and why an airway is introduced into resuscitation

4. Suction

  • The use of hand held suction apparatus for the removal of fluids from the mouth

*Remember: If a member has already completed a skills maintenance that required Resuscitation to be assessed i.e. Bronze Medallion, they are considered to be proficient in that section of this award. Members still need to be assessed as competent in sections 2-4 to be deemed proficient in ARTC.

on 25 August 2016
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