Warilla Bowls Surf Boat Series - Round 3 at Bulli, NSW

Helensburgh-Stanwell Park had 2 crews competing in Round 3 of the Warilla Bowls Surf Boat Series at Bulli on 30 January 2016.

The U23 Womens Crew (Meringues) finished with a 2nd place in the final.

The U19 Mens Crew (Thrill Seekers) missed out on a start in the final, but rowed well on the day.

Both crews demonstrated that they can handle themselves in a good surf, and will only get better with more time in the boat!

Great work sweep Ed White in getting our crews out and back safely today.

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Australia Day 2016 Surf Patrol

Aussie day morning patrol preparing the the big rush.Moderate swell pumping in today so will have to be on thier toes.

Spare a thought for those giving up their time today so that the public can safely enjoy the quintessential aussie experience of a day at the beach!

Thanks to Patrol 3 with Patrol Captain Ed White in the morning, and Patrol 4 with Patrol Captain Carl Williams in the afternoon.

2016 tradies branded patrol shirts webHelensburgh-Stanwell Park Surf Patrols are supported by Tradies Helensburgh