Dane Whiteside - Wins Upcycling Contest

Congratulations to club member Dane Whiteside on winning a global upcycling contest. Dane took the internals of a door, and was able to create an Alaia Surfboard.

There were 140 entries from Australia, Scotland, the Cayman Islands and all the US States.

Mel Whiteside and Dane travelled to the US for the judging in California with the 10 other finalist.

Awesome work Dane, can't wait to see what you come up with next....love the hand-carved wooden "bow tie".


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October Long Weekend Patrols

A huge weekend for our patrols this October Long Weekend, an estimated 4000 plus visitors came to Stanwell Park Beach over the weekend. The peak time was Sunday afternoon with around 2500 visitors.

Visitors to the beach were parked up on Lawrence Hargrave Drive, and the que at the top of Bald Hill extended more than 1km back towards Stanwell Tops.

All the patrols were very well attended and were extremely active on the waters edge and roving patrols. Patrols members performed a number of rescues mainly with Rescue Boards and Rescue Tubes as they were all close to shore. Fortunately the traditional Stanwell Park "shore dump" was not present, but rips either side of the swimming area kept all patrol members on their toes.

A special call went out to Patrol Members on Monday afternoon due to the crowds and conditions, thanks to the members who answered the call and came down to support their fellow clubs.

Patrols rostered on over the weekend were,

Sunday AM - Patrol 3 - Captain Ed White
Sunday PM - Patrol 4 - Captain Carl Williams
Monday AM - Patrol 5 - Captain Steven McDonald
Monday PM - Patrol 6 - Captain Iris Huizinga

Thanks to all the patrol members for their efforts, ensuring the safety of the swimming public at Stanwell Park.

Raising The Flags for 2015/2016

Surf Patrols have now commenced for the 2015/2016 Season, following the Wollongong City Lifeguards starting their service on Saturday, 19 September 2015.

The surf club will be rostering 7 patrols consisting of between 12 and 20 members, including IRB Drivers and Crew, Advanced Resuscitation, First Aid, Bronze Medallion, Surf Rescue Certificate and Basic Beach Management Award holders.

The season started under the watchful eye of Patrol Captain Iris Huizinga, with the flags at the northern end of the beach for the most suitable conditions. Iris had the patrol members doing drills involving resuscitation and radio checks just to get everyone back into the routine of doing patrols.

New Club Captain Stephanie McGuinness has been busy in the off-season organising patrols to ensure the most efficient and safest coverage of Stanwell Park Beach possible. She made the decision to reduce the number of patrols from 8 to 7 ensuring adequate patrol strength. The club will be hoping to get a few new Bronze Medallion awards early in the season to bolster the club's patrol strength.

The Club Patrol Captains are Patrol 1 - Barry McGuinness, 2 - Karl Weber, 3 - Eddie White, 4 - Carl Williams, 5 - Steven McDonald, 6 - Iris Huizinga, 7 - Daniel Robberds/Ben Andrews.

Saturday Patrol requirements have been reduced on previous seasons acknowledging the work performed by Wollongong City Council Lifeguards, with club life savers providing support to the lifeguards on Saturday. Surf Life Saving Illawarra campaigned very hard during the off-season being able to negotiate with Surf Life Saving NSW to reduce the patrol load on all of the clubs in Illawarra. The club will now be rostered on for the Saturdays during the Christmas School Holidays.....club patrols members are smiling.

Patrols for the season will finish on ANZAC Day 25 April 2015.

If you are interested in doing your Bronze Medallion, Surf Rescue Certificate or any other Life Saving related award please contact the Chief Training Officer Bobo White - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you hold a Life Saving Award and would like to come back onto patrols please drop a note to Club Captain Stephanie McGuinness - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The club is look forward to a great and safe patrol season.