2015/2016 - New Lifesavers Ready for Patrol - SRC

A new batch of lifesavers gained their Surf Rescue Certificate today.
Members were Tahlia Bailey, Ethan Black, Charlotte Loring, Rahul Gurmukhani, Aahlia Marshall, Ebony McGrath, Minnie Monkhouse, Keehan Reilly, Sarah Tanner, Jorja Williams, Zoe Corliss, and Liam Scanlan.
Most of this group have been together since they were "sea babies" and have gone on their nippers journey with Age Manager Amanda Reilly.
Trained by Peter McDonald the club's long time SRC Trainer, and assisted by Amy Leigh Perrin, Ryan Van Zyl and Peter Turner.
They are all water crazy, so the practical side of the training was never an issue and they didn't do too badly on the theory side either.
The new lifesavers will be rostered onto patrols in coming weeks, and wil add to the club's patrol strength.
They were all issued with a new "Tradies" branded patrol uniform ready for their first patrol.
Congratulations to the new lifesavers, those involved in training them and their age manager for getting the group together over all these years.

2015/2016 - Surf Life Saver Appeals Day Thanks (Updated)

Helensburgh-Stanwell Park Surf Life Saving Club knocked on many doors over the past couple days in Stanwell Park, Stanwell Tops and Helensburgh. The club appreciates the on-going generosity of the "2508" community in supporting the club.
As of 22/11/15 the club had collected just over $4,370. These funds will be used to purchase vital Surf Rescue Equipment for use on Stanwell Park Beach.
A special thanks to the 36 club members who gave up their Friday evening and Saturday morning to knock on doors.
Stacie, Haley and Kate Lea
Barry and Stephanie McGuinness
Daniel Robberds
Emmett Gray
Adam Newey
Karl Weber
Carl, Jack and Jorja Williams
Brent Manning
Karen and Gemma Gallagher
Liam Scanlan
David, Matthew and Bethany Anger
Ben, Sabine and Dominick Rogers
Peter,Steven, Matthew, Lachlan and Zalie McDonald
Sian Foster
Monique Lehane
Melinda and Macey Whiteside
Keehan Rielly
Bobo and Ed White
Evan Griffiths
Harley Dreghorn
If the club missed you on the day, then you are more than welcome to make a donation to the club. Click here to make a donation.

500 Followers On Facebook

A significant milestone was reached by the club on Facebook this morning, the club now has 500 follwers.

The use of Social Media has been an effective tool over the last 4 years for the club, and as it's use grows with more and more people utilising it to stay in touch with the club.

Currently all posts to the club website are shared on Facebook (@hspslsc) and Twitter (@hspslsc) and there is a club Instagram account (@hspslsc) and hastag (#hspslsc). So if you are at the beach or particpating in a club event and have something to share don't forget tag the club in.

Facebook and other social media is also used by the clubs sponsors and doners to gauge the exposure their support of the club is gaining, which in turn has the potential to lead to further support.

Stay engaged with the club thru Facebook, and if you are not a follower the search for the club on Facebook www.facebook.com/hspslsc or Twitter www.twitter.com/hspslsc

By the way, follower #500 was John Tee....thanks John!


2016 tradies branded patrol shirts webHelensburgh-Stanwell Park Surf Patrols are supported by Tradies Helensburgh