Coalcliff Rockpool Renovation Update - 30/06/2017

Received an update from WCC,

We have had some success from the start of construction works at Coalcliff Rock Pool, with favourable tide sea and swell conditions. This has allowed the contractor to consistently hit key milestone in the project, meaning the project is still on track to reopen for summer months.

The contractor has undertaken and completed the following works to date:

• Saw cutting of the concrete concourse surrounds.
• Construction of the retaining wall and pad footing for the new shade structure.
• Construction of the new concrete bench seat on the rock shelf at the front of the podium.
• Trenching works to the eastern sea wall in preparation of the new precast panels.

The main objective for the month of July will be:

1. Placement of the new precast panels outside the existing eastern sea wall.
2. Shotcreting behind the precast panels and in front of the existing eastern sea wall.
3. Installation of the stainless steel bar and placement of concrete for the new concourse.

We will require favourable tide sea and swell conditions for the above work to be carried out. There are two weeks of favourable tides forecast for the 1st week and 3rd week of July, which we anticipate will provide adequate time to complete the bulk of the works.

However, please be mindful that all of the above is dependent on tide, sea and swell conditions.

Thanks to a local resident for the progress photos.



on 01 July 2017
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