Received an update from WCC,

We have had some success from the start of construction works at Coalcliff Rock Pool, with favourable tide sea and swell conditions. This has allowed the contractor to consistently hit key milestone in the project, meaning the project is still on track to reopen for summer months.

The contractor has undertaken and completed the following works to date:

• Saw cutting of the concrete concourse surrounds.
• Construction of the retaining wall and pad footing for the new shade structure.
• Construction of the new concrete bench seat on the rock shelf at the front of the podium.
• Trenching works to the eastern sea wall in preparation of the new precast panels.

The main objective for the month of July will be:

1. Placement of the new precast panels outside the existing eastern sea wall.
2. Shotcreting behind the precast panels and in front of the existing eastern sea wall.
3. Installation of the stainless steel bar and placement of concrete for the new concourse.

We will require favourable tide sea and swell conditions for the above work to be carried out. There are two weeks of favourable tides forecast for the 1st week and 3rd week of July, which we anticipate will provide adequate time to complete the bulk of the works.

However, please be mindful that all of the above is dependent on tide, sea and swell conditions.

Thanks to a local resident for the progress photos.



Published: 01 July 2017
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This Sunday Stanwell Park Sea Eels will be swimming at Wombarra pool and then returning to Scarborough Wombarra Bowling club.

Remember that this is our “Bring-A-Friend" day and families are welcome. If you do not have a friend bring your money.

If are you not a member and looking for friends, you are more than welcome to come along and try winter swimming, swim starts around 9:15am every Sunday.


The bowling club will be hosting us and we will go through the regular procedures, fines, raffles and Joker Poker.

The club provides Thai and Australian meals from 12n on and if the weather is on our side Bare Foot Bowls are available.

For club members

  • Importantly we need to know who is swimming at the SCWSA Championships and who is having a meal and ordering a T shirt, numbers will be presented at the SCWSA meeting on Friday 23 June
  • In regards to the Bondi visit another family day , the bus has been ordered at a cost of $800 so we need to know definite passengers to cover the cost, anyone is invited to come along to just enjoy the day, cost will be $25 pp, so we ask that the following week 25 June members and friends pay their bus fare.      


Published: 17 June 2017
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On Sunday the 28th May our friends from the Bulli Sea Lions gave us a visit to celebrate “25 Years” of competitive rivalry of the “Jimmy Johns” relay trophy. The relay consists of ten a side with supposedly the winner taking the spoils, something that we have never been given and always out done by yet another rule introduced on the day. But this Sunday we were actually given the trophy for a short time only having to hand it back to the next generation of youthful swimmers hopefully to be contested for another 25 years.

Who wins is insignificant, this is winter swimming at its best, friendly competition between two similar clubs.

The Bulli Sea Lions were wined and dined with seven delightful soups, salads, kransky, homemade rissoles and sausages, followed by mouth-watering desserts.

The Sea Lions generously contributed to our fundraising for CRAM Foundation. We look forward to our next visit.

Video by Mike Mahlherbe

Photos by Steven McDonald and stolen from Bulli Sea Lions Facebook Page


Published: 29 May 2017
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Stanwell Park Sea Eels Winter Swimming Club - Office Bearers - 2017 Season

Elected 30 April 2017

+ New to position / # To Be Confirmed


Helensburgh-Stanwell Park Surf Life Saving Club - President
Coalcliff Surf Life Saving Club - President
Era Surf Life Saving Club - President
Tradies Helensburgh - President



Peter McDonald

(02) 4294-1247 / 0473-616-991

Vice President

Anne-Maree Connolly



Barry McGuinness

(02) 4294-3684


Gary Marshall



Phil Kelly                                                                          

(02) 4294-4910 / 0408-655-038


Terry Wood

(02) 9520-7510


Steven McDonald

(02) 4630-8307 / 0419-250-937

Handicappers (2)

Barry McGuinness
Ian Van Zyl +


Chief Timekeeper

Ian Van Zyl


Timekeepers (7)

As arranged each swim


Starters (3)

Ralph Hall
Barry Allen



Chief Judge

Rod Hampson


Judges (3)

As arranged each swim


Social Secretary

Margaret Hunt
Peter Hunt


Social Committee

Dawn Marshall
Sandra McDonald
Anne Woodward
Kim Van Zyl


Fine Master

Rod Hampson
Anne Woodward



Karl Weber


Publicity Officer

Karl Weber


Travel Co-ordinator (3)

Kim Van Zyl

Peter McDonald


SCWSA Delegates (3)

Barry McGuiness
Stephanie McGuiness

Gary Marshall


Clothing Co-ordinator

Candice Woodward

Sharna Piccinelli

Published: 30 April 2017
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The Stanwell Sea Eels Winter Swimming Club will be facing the water for the first time this year on Sunday, 30 April 2017.

Swimming starts at 9:15am at Coalcliff Rockpool.

Following the swimming members are invited back to Helensburgh-Stanwell Park SLSC for soup and beverages.

The clubs Annual General Meeting will be held at 11:00am to elect a committee for the 2017 Season.

New members are more than welcome to come along, the Sea Eels pride themselves on being a friendly inclusive club for both male and female swimmers.

At the beginning of April, Wollongong City Council annouced significant works will be carried out around Coalcliff Rockpool, including footpaths and shelter. Some of the funding has come from the Stanwell Park Swimming Pool Trust that raised funds over many years to build a pool in Stanwell Park.

Published: 28 April 2017
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